Food Clubs


There are several ways to take home our hyper local nutrient dense produce and eggs, while helping secure us farmers financially for the season. You pay upfront and we deliver the goods for the duration of your subscription. The best way to guarantee you take home the food you and your family needs each week is to subscribe to a weekly food pick up. Here are the options depending on your appetite and budget.

Weekly Food Basket (CSA)   $600 per share   
For 24 weeks, you take home a supply of seasonally available produce and eggs grown on our farm. This is our most popular subscription model.  This works out to be $25 per week. Pick up only at our downtown farm site.

CSAWeekly Food Basket Details
Our Weekly Food Basket runs 24 weeks starting April 19th and is based on the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, where participants pay up front at the beginning of the year for a ‘share’ of our harvest. Each share is picked up or delivered weekly, and consists of a seasonal assortment of our vegetables.